Shots in the Box

A new performance metric developed by Hit Row Z to better understand club performance across the Premier League, Shots in the Box attempts to give greater clarity on which teams are creating (and conceding) the most good quality chances, and the implications this has on their results.

The best teams in the Premier League think ‘inside the box’

What separates the best teams from the rest in the Premier League? Their ability to create chances inside the box.

Tottenham (not so) Hotspur

James Bailey highlights the real challenge facing Spurs for the remainder of the season.

Attack to Survive – Struggling sides lack firepower

New data shows that attack may be the best form of defence for Premier League strugglers

Are Fulham favourites for relegation?

Fulham may not be bottom of the league, but they may be favourites for the drop

Thinking inside the box?

James Bailey sets out a new way of evaluating club performance in the Premier League