Is Andy Carroll worth £15m?

One the major transfer sagas of the summer features Liverpool’s giant striker Andy Carroll, and whether he will finally secure a transfer away from Anfield.

Signed for a record fee of £35m just a season and a half ago, his move to Merseyside has failed spectacularly. With manager Brendan Rodgers firmly of the view that Carroll would not fit in to his style of play, he moved on loan to Sam Allardyce’s West Ham.

The Hammers are now keen to sign Carroll permanently, and are prepared to meet Liverpool’s asking price. But is Carroll really worth £15m?

Let us know your thoughts below, by taking part in our poll, and leaving comments.

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  1. I’ll get the ball rolling this week.

    For me, I don’t see how Carroll can be worth £15m, given his level of performance, the number of games he has played, and critically, the number of goals he has netted, in the past three years.

    Yes it represents a £20m drop from the price Liverpool paid Newcastle, but they did pay far far far too much for him, even if he had gone on to be reasonably successful at Anfield.

    I think West Ham are in danger of making the same mistake Liverpool did, and that is paying the maximum price a player is ever likely to be worth under the *best case scenario*, as opposed to factoring in all kinds of risks that could impact the kind of return they get for their money.

    That’s why, as a Geordie, I’m pleased Newcastle seem to have stuck at £10m and a reduced wage package.

    Anything higher is crazy.

  2. Stew Simpson says:

    I think to the right team he is worth every penny of £15m. Liverpool didn’t change the way they play to accomadate him, as stating the obvious he’s not in the mold of Torres who he replaced. That’s the issue when it comes to being value for money.

    Carroll proved at Newcastle he can score goals, if you play to his strengths. At West Ham he has proved (in patches) that he can score goals & is a handful for defenders. I think at the right club who are willing to build their attack around him, he’d represent value for money.

    He needs to be at a club that likes to put crosses into the box, a team with wingers & midfielders who can pass. He’s an old fashioned centre forward, and not many teams play to his strengths. In the right team he could be a world beater. In the wrong team he’s wasted & £15m is too step for someone who isn’t the main attacking force.

  3. Good question – 15m is probably a bit too steep, but there’s no doubt that, when fit, he is effective. If he can stay fit and have a good season he could find himself leading the line in Rio next summer.

    Incidentally, and by way of comparison, here’s the premier league records of the top three young English forwards:

    Carroll, 108apps, 27 goals – 1 goal in 4
    Sturridge, 110 apps, 36 goals – 1 goal in 3
    Welbeck, 90 apps, 17 goals – 1 goal in 5+

    Sturridge seems the best striker of the three to date, and he went for 12m in Jan…

  4. I agree Ben. Certainly if he came to Newcastle he wouldn’t necessarily be used as an ‘all-the-time’ first choice striker, he’d be a good impact sub and good to play against the more physical teams in the league.

    I agree with you Stew in that for the right team he could be devastating, although even then, £15m is far too much of an outlay on the off chance that might happen and he go a season without a significant injury.

    Interesting stats Jim, although does look bleak for the future of the England attack. Sturridge has impressed this season, although he has been injured, like Carroll. Welbeck’s opportunities are stunted and I doubt his continued ‘international class’ although I may have said that about Mr Crouch…

  5. Personally I believe he is worth 15million but he does not deserve 100,000-a-week there are better players that earn less but are considered better players.

    As a Liverpool fan they should never have paid 35million for him as he was unproven, He’s not deserving of his high salary as he is lazy on the pitch, there were countless times where Liverpool fans screamed for him to not just sit and wait for the ball. He is injury prone as well so I don’t know how he can justify a pay rise.

    If you play to his strengths you have a decent player but not many team now like to hoof it up the field even Stoke are going to change their style of play.

  6. Craig Wright says:

    In my opinion 15 million is nothing major in todays transfer market. Carrol has proven he can bring fear into the best of premier league and international centre backs with his overpowering physical game and ability in the air. What however would put me off is the £100,000 p/w he picks up in wages, the incoming regulations restrict West Ham to 52m a year on the wage budget. Carroll on a 6 year deal takes up a huge percentage of this and has left them having to get rid of players to clear up wages and if he flops they wont have the budget to bring another high end striker in!

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